A note to you, Ian Gillick!

It is indeed important to properly contextualise  all forms of civil development. Protecting not just already A Grade listed buildings, but also the 1960's multistorey car parks next to them. It's a stamp on the timeline, equally important to the older neighbouring building.


One thing that belongs to no era, something that will never hopefully be timemarked, is unclear communication. Your home website has a brilliant block of text expressing your beliefs, but my God man! You chose not to space the paragraphs. Even if it is merely satire, or a way of proclaiming war between information and Man, it should not exsist such.


There will be no period in time where type is deliberately hard to read. Excuse the post-modernists because they only made hard to read what should not have been read in the first place. What you say does carry significance. You must use paragraphs!


The bad dietrician will stuff a one kilogram block of compressed salad into the mouths of those suffering from scurvy. You are doing the same. As Leonardo Da Vinci stated - 'Chew your food slowly'.


Also, get a 'Contact me' bit on your website eh. Even Jehova can be contacted easily enough. Who do you think you are? I can onlyhope you (or your staff) are thourough enough to have come across my humble blog entry.

I made all this, Max Eldridge did the animating.